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I'm Farah!

As the Founder and Managing Director of FFA Security Group, a London-based firm specialising in physical protection, I bring over a decade of leadership experience from Africa and the Middle East to the UK. At FFA, we prioritise ethical practices, value delivery, and meaningful change, driven by a commitment to elevate industry standards and create safe spaces.


My work extends to serving on the advisory board for IFPO UK, as a board director of the ASIS UK Chapter, and as a member of IPSA and the ISRM. I am also a passionate campaigner for gender equality and public space safety, advising the Transport for London Stakeholder Management Team and the Westminster Women's Safety Forum. Additionally, I have served as a UN Women UK Delegate for CSW67 and CSW68. I co-founded Running on Empty, a security industry-focused initiative supporting physical and mental health.


Beyond my corporate roles, I am deeply committed to advocating for women's safety and fighting against misogyny. I regularly contribute to global initiatives promoting equality and safety, embodying a multifaceted approach to professional leadership, advocacy, and active involvement in societal initiatives.


My desire to make a positive impact drives my entrepreneurial spirit. Whether running a workshop, collaborating with policymakers, or speaking at industry and community events, I am committed to making a difference. I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth, using my skills and passion to foster a more equitable and just society.


I'm excited to continue this journey and work with others who share my passion for social justice and equality. While I'm proud of the work I have done so far, I know there is still much more to be done, and I am eager to keep striving for betterment in every corner of my world.

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